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Makkah Mass Rail Transit Operational Planning

Makkah Mass Rail transit Company (MMRTC) – Bus Network Development

Phillip Boyle & Associates is working with MMRTC to develop a comprehensive bus network for the Holy City of Makkah. The network, to eventually comprise 800 buses, will initially operate across twelve BRT and local services.

Operation of public transport in Makkah presents a number of unique challenges.

  • General congestion
  • Road network difficulties
  • Extreme operating conditions during the Haaj
  • Changing peaks related to daily prayer time variations
  • Major impacts of different times of year, such as the Ramadan period

These challenges are amplified when attempting to introduce an entirely new network.

The initial tasks completed by Phillip Boyle & Associates included:

  • Advice regarding network development
  • Development of estimated running times
  • Creation of draft timetables
  • Creation of initial scheduling solutions
  • Production of detailed operating information for RFP inclusion
  • General contracting advice and review/writing of RFP sections

Beyond the initial RFP stage Phillip Boyle & Associates support MMRTC to work with the successful bidder across a range of implementation tasks. We will also assist MMRTC to establish strong in-house operational planning capabilities.

Invicta Intermodal Scheduling

Southeast Queensland Bus Review – Operational Planning & Implementation Support

Southeast Queensland Bus Review – Network planning, Scheduling & Implementation Support

Phillip Boyle & Associates supported the planning and implementation across four operators as part of the 2013 Southeast Queensland Bus Review project. The operators we undertook this project for were:

  • Logan City Bus
  • Thompsons Bus Services
  • Park Ridge Transit
  • Westside Bus Service

These successful long-term private bus companies operate over 2,100 daily trips – providing over 12 million service kilometres annually. Services are provided by over 250 buses. In addition to extensive urban route networks each operator provides a comprehensive network of school special services.

Phillip Boyle & Associates undertook a range of activities to support these projects including:

  • route/network planning
  • initial operating cost and passenger impact estimates
  • detailed timetabling and scheduling
  • implementation support including production of operating reports
  • operational advice covering many aspects of operations planning

Implementation of three operators occurred on the same day as part of one of Australia’s largest simultaneous multiple-operator network changes. Our ability to support this task reflects the substantial in-house resources we are able to provide our clients.

We are pleased to report highly successful implementation for all four operations. In all cases we have helped deliver substantial efficiency gains while improving timetable quality. In particular the focus on clockface headways and improved intermodal connectivity has delivered substantial passenger benefits.