Happy 10th anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Established in 2004 by director Phillip Boyle, our consultancy has expanded, in just 10 years, to include specialist planners and affiliates and has undertaken 150 projects for over 30 clients in eight different countries.

We are proud that:

  • Every day, thousands of people travel on services that run smoothly and efficiently on timetables we have developed.
  • Our optimised schedules and rosters have made our clients’ operations more efficient and have delivered them significant costs savings.
  • We have supported a wide range of clients in over 20 projects to prepare cost-effective and competitive bids and to win contracts.
  • As an evaluator, we have assisted governments to evaluate bids to ensure that the contract is awarded to the best candidate.
  • We have successfully managed the mobilisation of public transport for important major events such as the Athens Olympics and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
  • We have provided our clients with timely, high-quality and comprehensive data using our sophisticated data collection and analysis tools to help them improve service delivery.