Monthly Archives: February 2014

CDC retains Region 4

In September 2013, Transport for NSW announced the results for Tranche 2 of the Sydney Metropolitan Bus Tendering process. We congratulate ComfortDelgro Cabcharge (CDC), operating as Hillsbus, for successfully retaining the large Region 4 contract.

Region 4 operations in Sydney’s rapidly growing northwest are provided by a mix of unique service offerings, including Transitway/BRT, CBD commuter express, local feeder and regional Metrobus routes.

Working closely with CDC, we contributed to a highly competitive and effective operating bid by identifying substantial efficiency gains and service quality improvements, including:

  • Substantial operating cost reductions
  • Integration of additional services on 17 key routes
  • Improved running times on 42 routes
  • Enhanced timetables with more evenly-spaced headways on key corridors.

Some of the many service enhancements are detailed in Transport for NSW’s press release.