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PBA’s expert contribution to car share policy in Melbourne and Sydney

As expert advisors on car share services, Phillip Boyle & Associates has recently carried out some significant projects for local governments in Melbourne and Sydney.

PBA has a long-standing interest and experience in the evolution and management of efficient car share services. We assist clients to realise the benefits of car sharing, providing informed expert advice about the complex issues facing governments in implementing and managing these services.

Our expertise includes:

  • development of high-level strategy and targets
  • economic and financial modelling
  • policy development
  • performance monitoring
  • growth and deployment processes
  • community engagement.

PBA’s recent report on the City of Melbourne’s car share policy includes a comprehensive review of the costs and benefits of the City’s current car share policy. The report has informed the debate within the City’s Future Melbourne Committee, resulting in resounding support for a large increase in car share services within the City by 2021.

PBA has also just completed an investigation into world’s best-practice car share management for the City of Port Phillip. The report identifies strategic expansion scenarios that would generate $50 million of economic benefit to the City and its ratepayers annually.

It also provides a clear framework to reduce the ‘motorisation rate’ within the City, enabling forecast population growth while reducing current levels of parking and traffic congestion.

PBA has been commissioned by the global Car Sharing Association to undertake a review of car sharing in Australia with a focus on how the City of Sydney has exhibited best-practice management approaches.

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