PBA appointed to PAS Panel

PBA appointed to PAS PANEL

PBA appointed to the Victorian government’s Professional Advisory Services PANEL

The Victorian Government has appointed PBA to their Whole of Government Professional Advisory Services (PAS) Panel.

As a PAS panel member, PBA is prequalified to undertake work across the Victorian Government sector in a range of service categories.

The panel appointment reflects the calibre of our transport planning and policy advice and the capability of our specialist team. Our team members bring significant experience that is highly useful to government clients when making critical decisions about transport networks, policy and improvements.

PBA expects that PAS panel membership can streamline the way our Victorian Government clients can access our services.

PBA’s PAS panel appointment includes the following service categories:
• Strategic Policy Review, and Project Development (CA-1)
• Business Case Preparation and Development (CA-2)

The categories above include all types of:
• Service need analysis
• Service planning
• Feasibility studies
• Strategic assessments

For more information, please contact Knowles Tivendale or Dave King.

Going, going, gone … live

PBA has a long history of supporting operators to go live with new timetables, driver shifts and operating plans, but we may have set a record for the number of simultaneous, successful ‘go lives’ over the past few months:

10 January – complete network review for Metro Tas

16 January – new timetables and driver shifts for Riverside RTA, California,

24–31 January – new operating plans, timetables and driver shifts for four Melbourne bus operators

27 January – new schedules for one bus operator in Sydney and two operators in Brisbane

15 February – new school network in Park Ridge, Queensland

29 February – timetables for new orbital routes in Hamilton, NZ.

In the meantime, we also managed to send two of our team members to attend the annual meeting and various committee meetings of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC; act as an expert witness to the Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay Advisory Committee; provide a best-practice parking management process for a city council in Melbourne – and carry on business as usual.

The largest dedicated scheduling team in the world

This February, PBA celebrates our first three months with the Transit Plan team. In November 2015, PBA acquired Transit Plan, a Victorian transport planning, scheduling and rostering consultancy, with a big presence in Victoria, NSW and New Zealand.

We welcomed four scheduling specialists to our team, expanding our service offering and enhancing our capabilities and international operations.

We can claim, with hands over our hearts, that we are now the largest dedicated scheduling team in the world. PBA is also the only company in the world able to provide services using the three widely used scheduling software packages: HASTUS, Trapeze and Austrics.

2015 in review

2015 was a bumper year for PBA. We can proudly state that we successfully completed 85 projects for over 50 clients in 22 cities in seven countries across four continents.

We tackled all transport modes, from pedestrian, cycling, motorcycling, car share and parking to light rail, ferries, buses and trains.

Take a deep breath, because 2016 is already shaping up to be even bigger.

PBA’s expert contribution to car share policy in Melbourne and Sydney

As expert advisors on car share services, Phillip Boyle & Associates has recently carried out some significant projects for local governments in Melbourne and Sydney.

PBA has a long-standing interest and experience in the evolution and management of efficient car share services. We assist clients to realise the benefits of car sharing, providing informed expert advice about the complex issues facing governments in implementing and managing these services.

Our expertise includes:

  • development of high-level strategy and targets
  • economic and financial modelling
  • policy development
  • performance monitoring
  • growth and deployment processes
  • community engagement.

PBA’s recent report on the City of Melbourne’s car share policy includes a comprehensive review of the costs and benefits of the City’s current car share policy. The report has informed the debate within the City’s Future Melbourne Committee, resulting in resounding support for a large increase in car share services within the City by 2021.

PBA has also just completed an investigation into world’s best-practice car share management for the City of Port Phillip. The report identifies strategic expansion scenarios that would generate $50 million of economic benefit to the City and its ratepayers annually.

It also provides a clear framework to reduce the ‘motorisation rate’ within the City, enabling forecast population growth while reducing current levels of parking and traffic congestion.

PBA has been commissioned by the global Car Sharing Association to undertake a review of car sharing in Australia with a focus on how the City of Sydney has exhibited best-practice management approaches.

Contact Knowles Tivendale for further information on PBA’s car share expertise.

(t) +61 3 8679 6942  (m) +61 4 12 213 770

PBA provides services for Transdev’s successful Sydney Light Rail bid

Phillip Boyle & Associates congratulates Transdev, part of the ALTRAC Light Rail consortium, on winning the bid to design, construct, operate and maintain the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail contract. PBA provided operational planning, scheduling and costing advice to the consortium for this new high-capacity and high-frequency service. We are pleased to have been involved in a project that is expected to bring significant transport, economic and employment benefits to Sydney and reduce congestion in the centre and south-east. With an earlier delivery date, services are now scheduled to commence in early 2019.

Driving your business performance

CEO Phillip Boyle recently presented at the 2014 Australasia Bus and Coach Conference and Expo, held from 28 September to 1 October on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The first-ever combined state and national conference and expo attracted a large international audience and a broad range of exhibitors.

Phillip’s presentation, Driving the Performance of Your Business – Contemporary Scheduling, was one of three key business sessions promoting the conference theme of ‘Moving People – Driving Excellence’.

The large audience was given a detailed overview of scheduling for quality and reliability, and service and intermodal coordination. Phillip challenged the conference participants to think about how to best balance the ‘art and science’ of scheduling to reap efficiency and cost benefits for customers, operators and their workforce, and regulators.

The science of scheduling

BusNews article

In the article ‘The science of scheduling’ in Australasian Bus and Coach, the foremost magazine for bus and coach operators in Australasia, CEO Phillip Boyle explains how operators are missing out on efficiencies – and therefore profit.

By under-resourcing scheduling and relying too heavily on timetabling software, operators can fail to deliver high-quality timetables and minimise their operating costs.

Phillip was interviewed in the lead up to the 2014 Australasia Bus and Coach Conference on the Gold Coast, where he was due to present a plenary session on driving business performance through optimised scheduling.

Download the BusNews article here.

Office renovation signals a new era for our business

office-renos-624x299Phillip Boyle & Associates has just completed a substantial office redevelopment to make room for our growing team of specialist planners. The purpose-designed workspace accommodates our staff in a functional and flexible layout, with improved meeting facilities and upgraded equipment and infrastructure.

The renovations will enable us to pass on to our clients the benefits of increased productivity and faster and better technologies.

Chief Executive Officer Phillip Boyle is excited about the new era for Phillip Boyle & Associates:

‘This significant investment in our future broadens our capability and capacity. It reflects the changes in our business and our expanded service offerings. We can rapidly scale up for mission-critical projects to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs. It’s all go, go, go around here.’

Happy 10th anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Established in 2004 by Chief Executive Officer Phillip Boyle, our consultancy has expanded in just 10 years to include specialist planners and affiliates, and has undertaken 150 projects for over 30 clients in eight different countries.

We are proud that:

  • Every day, thousands of people travel on services that run smoothly and efficiently on timetables we have developed.
  • Our optimised schedules and rosters have made our clients’ operations more efficient and have delivered them significant costs savings.
  • We have supported a wide range of clients in over 20 projects to prepare cost-effective and competitive bids and to win contracts.
  • As an evaluator, we have assisted governments to evaluate bids to ensure that the contract is awarded to the best candidate.
  • We have successfully managed the mobilisation of public transport for important major events such as the Athens Olympics and the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
  • We have provided our clients with timely, high-quality and comprehensive data using our sophisticated data collection and analysis tools to help them improve service delivery.