Knowles Tivendale joins Phillip Boyle & Associates

Knowles Tivendale joins Phillip Boyle & Associates. Well-known throughout the industry for his innovative approaches to transport planning projects, Knowles brings to our team an in-depth knowledge of strategic land-use and transportation policy and planning. He shares our passion for developing integrated, highly efficient and sustainable public transport solutions.

His areas of expertise include planning for major activity centres and growth areas and developing strategies for pedestrian, public transport and car parking uses.

Knowles is the current national chairperson of the Planning Institute of Australia’s Transport Planning Chapter and sat on the US Transportation Research Board’s Transport and Land Development Committee from 2010–2013.

On the road, 2014

We are excited to be working with the Makkah Mass Rail Transit Company in Saudi Arabia to develop a greenfield BRT and local bus network. The network of an initial 300 buses (expanding to 800 over five years) will serve the entire population of Makkah and will integrate with the city’s new metro system.

We are also supporting the government to plan and manage the Request for Proposal for the operations contractor, and will be on the evaluation panel.

This has capped off two other interesting international projects we have been recently working on. In Singapore we have undertaken a review of the current operational planning approach of SMRT, a major multimodal transport operator. Our proposed range of measures to improve operational efficiency will help prepare SMRT’s network of 1000 buses for potential future contestability.

In Hong Kong, we have brought our scheduling expertise to develop innovative approaches to maximising labour efficiency for routes within KMB’s extensive bus operations.

Successful implementation of major network changes, SEQ Bus Network Review, 2013–14

One of the highlights of our past two years is our involvement in a large-scale bus network redesign across eight regions of Southeast Queensland, including in the major centres of Brisbane City and Ipswich. This redesign involved a complete revision of operating plans, timetables, driver rostering and scheduling for four operators.

The network changes have resulted in significant efficiency gains and cost savings for these operators, as well as an improved transport network for passengers.

Our optimised timetables and schedules have:

  • Improved passenger experience by simplifying routes and improving connectivity between bus services and other transport modes
  • Eliminated service duplication and redirected resources to overcrowded routes
  • Cut dead running and wasted time
  • Substantially reduced operating resource requirements.

We supported the simultaneous implementation of the new network over December 2013 to January 2014, and we are pleased to say that the changeover went off without a hitch – a major achievement!

CDC retains Region 4

In September 2013, Transport for NSW announced the results for Tranche 2 of the Sydney Metropolitan Bus Tendering process. We congratulate ComfortDelgro Cabcharge (CDC), operating as Hillsbus, for successfully retaining the large Region 4 contract.

Region 4 operations in Sydney’s rapidly growing northwest are provided by a mix of unique service offerings, including Transitway/BRT, CBD commuter express, local feeder and regional Metrobus routes.

Working closely with CDC, we contributed to a highly competitive and effective operating bid by identifying substantial efficiency gains and service quality improvements, including:

  • Substantial operating cost reductions
  • Integration of additional services on 17 key routes
  • Improved running times on 42 routes
  • Enhanced timetables with more evenly-spaced headways on key corridors.

Some of the many service enhancements are detailed in Transport for NSW’s press release.