Going, going, gone … live

PBA has a long history of supporting operators to go live with new timetables, driver shifts and operating plans, but we may have set a record for the number of simultaneous, successful ‘go lives’ over the past few months:

10 January – complete network review for Metro Tas

16 January – new timetables and driver shifts for Riverside RTA, California,

24–31 January – new operating plans, timetables and driver shifts for four Melbourne bus operators

27 January – new schedules for one bus operator in Sydney and two operators in Brisbane

15 February – new school network in Park Ridge, Queensland

29 February – timetables for new orbital routes in Hamilton, NZ.

In the meantime, we also managed to send two of our team members to attend the annual meeting and various committee meetings of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC; act as an expert witness to the Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay Advisory Committee; provide a best-practice parking management process for a city council in Melbourne – and carry on business as usual.