Commitment to better transportation services, unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, and a hands-on approach

Phillip Boyle & Associates’ team of industry experts are widely recognised for their expertise in public transport service and operations planning and optimisation, scheduling, land-use planning and purpose-built technical solutions.

Our team has undertaken 150 projects for over 30 clients across all transport modes in eight different countries. We bring first-hand knowledge of best-practice transport services in Australia and internationally.

Our vision is to work with our clients to develop solutions that are easily implemented, practical and cost-effective. Best of all, we know from experience that our solutions translate into better service.

Phillip Boyle, Chief Executive Officer

Phillip Boyle

As founding director and Chief Executive Officer, Phillip Boyle brings extensive public transportation scheduling, planning, operations and major events experience in both the public and private sectors. He combines his ongoing commitment to working ‘hands on’ with clients throughout the project lifecycle, with his drive for developing innovative and practical solutions that result in more efficient and cost-effective operations for clients – and improved service for passengers.

Phillip’s strong technical skills are the result of 25 years’ experience in Australian and international service development, operations, operations planning and scheduling for bus, heavy rail, light rail and ferry systems. He is an expert user of HASTUS and is internationally recognised for his scheduling expertise, particularly for significant projects such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and for developing the leading industry scheduling manual. He has an ongoing interest in developing information systems and service analysis tools that improve service performance, operations interfaces, payroll systems, driver information and data collection.

He has extensive experience in developing operational costings and in contracting, involving the preparation and evaluation of tenders from both the operator’s and the regulator’s perspective.

A full resume for Phillip Boyle can be downloaded here.

Knowles Tivendale, Principal

Knowles Tivendale

Knowles Tivendale has an in-depth knowledge of strategic land-use and transportation policy and planning, developed through 20 years’ experience working on strategic planning and transport integration projects for a broad range of public sector organisations and government departments. He is dedicated to developing integrated, highly efficient and sustainable public transport solutions.

His areas of expertise include planning for major activity centres and growth areas for pedestrian, public transport and car parking uses. He is highly experienced in collaborating effectively with clients and stakeholders, and in leading multidisciplinary teams on diverse projects such as developing integrated transport plans, strategic frameworks and business cases and conducting transport network reviews and options assessment. Recent projects include developing a car-parking strategy for a university, leading a study into the feasibility of light rail in Tasmania, and conducting a value analysis on additional infrastructure as part of an airport rail link project in Perth.

Knowles is the current national chairperson of the Planning Institute of Australia’s Transport Planning Chapter. He sat on the US Transportation Research Board’s Transport and Land Development Committee from 2010–2013.

A full resume for Knowles Tivendale can be downloaded here.

Daniel Borowski, Senior Associate

Daniel Barowski

As a senior associate with Phillip Boyle & Associates, Daniel Borowski brings over ten years’ transportation planning, policy and operations knowledge and experience. He has solid technical and analytical skills in timetable development and scheduling, and in custom-designing information systems that result in significantly improved data collection.

Recent projects include providing scheduling solutions for major bus networks in Hong Kong and Australia, developing timetables and service costings for SmartBus services in Melbourne, managing data collection and analysis for bus services in various Australian capital cities, and developing interfaces between HASTUS and operations and contract management systems for operators and governments.

Prior to joining our team, he worked in transport planning roles for a major bus operator, a bus industry group and local government. This, combined with his strong academic background (Master of Social Science – Environment and Planning), has given him invaluable expertise in how to plan and cost public transport services.

A brief resume for Daniel Borowski can be downloaded here.

Melissa Peart, Associate

Melissa Peart

Melissa Peart has 19 years’ experience in the operation, planning and scheduling of public transport services. In her work with Phillip Boyle & Associates, and previously with Transportation Management & Design and Public Transport Corporation Victoria, she has led numerous projects in the USA and Australia to develop and optimise crew rosters and vehicle schedules using HASTUS. Her skills in reviewing the effectiveness and reliability of existing networks and in evaluating revised networks and timetables have been invaluable in our work for Public Transport Victoria in Melbourne and for bus operators in Queensland as part of the SEQ Network Review. Her experience in depot operations and acting as a broker between the union and management has given her particular insight into Australian industrial issues and requirements.

A brief resume for Melissa Peart can be downloaded here.

Song Gao, Associate


Song Gao is a highly qualified transport planner, with a civil engineering background (Master of Civil Engineering; Bachelor of Environments – Architecture). He combines solid technical and analytical skills with practical experience as a project manager and analyst on transportation projects for local government clients, universities, transport authorities and operators. His projects have included providing options for the design, integration of transport and other land uses, and access arrangements.

He develops innovative, integrated and sustainable transport solutions that have improved customer and stakeholder outcomes across a range of transportation types.

Benjamin Murphy, Associate

Benjamin Murphy brings to the PBA team specialist data analysis and presentation skills, developed through his work in a range of public transportation projects worldwide. His focus is on integrating large and complex datasets to provide governments, operators, other transport clients and the general public accessible and fit-for-purpose data and information. This is used to improve operational efficiency and performance, model options to assess operational policy and planning changes, and enhance safety measures.

Through his best-practice use and presentation of open data, Benjamin has developed innovative and creative tools for tracking vehicles in public transport networks, on-time running and real-time information for passengers. He has led innovative approaches to exporting datasets from the HASTUS system into a range of downstream applications covering monitoring, reporting and operational applications.

Harry Barber, Consultant

Harry Barber brings to PBA broad experience in developing transport solutions that make urban areas more efficient and liveable, and introducing major urban planning changes by shaping them into smaller discrete strategies that can be adopted, tested and incorporated in stages.

He has extensive experience and insight into negotiating with governments to improve cycling opportunities and infrastructure in urban environments through his role as CEO of Bicycle Network (Victoria). Harry led the development of an iPhone tracking app for recording personal and aggregated bicycle use, and a system of chip-activated bicycle storage cages, which are now deployed in more than 80 locations on the Victorian rail system.

Harry has recently led several projects relating to the growing car-share mode, supporting the development of policies and operating plans.

Jenny Langridge, Administration Manager

Jenny Langridge

Jenny Langridge is our experienced administration manager. She is responsible for carrying out all administrative functions required to keep a thriving public transport consultancy running smoothly and efficiently, including financial and tax management, bookkeeping, personnel and IT tasks. She shares our passion for public transport, having previously managed the Melbourne and San Diego offices of Transportation Management & Design.


We have affiliations with public transport consultants in Australia and in North America who we call on to provide specialist skills and expertise and insight into the international transportation context.

Benny Hagberg – Consultant, Australia

Benny Hagberg has 30 years’ consulting experience in public transport management, modelling, planning, operations and analysis. He has worked on numerous public transport projects in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, Hungary and Kenya. He has been project manager of and specialist advisor to major rail and bus studies in Hong Kong, involving demand forecasting and planning of new rail infrastructure, bus network efficiency and rationalisation, and the restructuring of bus networks following the opening of new rail or road infrastructure.

Gill Smith – Writer and Editor, Toot Communications, Australia


Toot Communications provides writing and editing services to a range of corporate, government and publishing clients. Gill Smith is a technical and proposal writer, who has a particular interest in and experience of writing about public transportation. She has worked with Phillip Boyle & Associates and other public transport operators on tenders, reports, standard operating procedures, strategic plans and websites.

Daniel Boyle – President, Dan Boyle & Associates, USA


Dan Boyle & Associates has 30 years’ transit operations, consulting and research experience. Dan Boyle has worked as a project manager or principal planner on studies related to service planning and scheduling, transit survey analysis, fare policy, contracting, labour productivity and strategic planning. Dan combines knowledge of innovative national research with a real-world understanding of transit operations to produce the best feasible recommendations for the client. He has served as project manager or has undertaken lead technical roles in numerous planning, operations and scheduling projects.

Dan served as consultant for TRB Special Report 258, Study on Contracting Transit Services, and conducted follow-on analysis of the extensive database developed as part of this project. He is highly active in Transportation Research Board activities and is also a member of APTA’s Intermodal Operations Planning Technical Forum.


Phillip Boyle & Associates regularly collaborates with leading strategic and transport industry organisations and software providers. This enables us to provide additional specialist resourcing on projects in Australia and overseas and ensures that we keep pace with industry-best practices.


Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) is a global consultancy of strategists, forming part of the PricewaterhouseCoopers network. Its combined team of more than 180,000 people provides strategic business advice to the world’s top corporations, governments and organisations across 157 countries.

Phillip Boyle & Associates has undertaken a range of projects in partnership with Booz & Company, including the Melbourne Bus Reviews, Athens 2004 and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.


GIRO develops and implements integrated software solutions for planning and managing transport-related operations.

Giro’s HASTUS software is the industry-leading scheduling and operations management system. HASTUS is an integrated and modular software solution for transit scheduling, operations and customer information. It is used in 25 countries across the world.

Phillip Boyle & Associates has over 25 years’ experience in using GIRO software. We have partnered with GIRO on a number of projects and worked closely with GIRO staff to maximise utilisation of the HASTUS system.


CSched provides consulting services to public transport agencies, operators and planners in North America and Australia. Its team specialises in fixed-route transit scheduling and its senior staff has over 50 years’ combined experience in airline, passenger rail and bus transit operations.

Phillip Boyle & Associates has worked closely with principals Michel Courval and Hugh Muller on scheduling and service planning projects.

GroundBase is a specialist provider of corporate-grade internet, file servers and back-up systems, based in Melbourne. Through TPG, the Australian telecommunications and IT provider, GroundBase designs systems for businesses that deliver high-speed internet, with consistent and full download and upload speeds. It also provides network and back-up solutions and IT support for Apple, Linux and PC systems.

GroundBase has worked with Phillip Boyle & Associates to create reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure and back-end systems and assists with creating our innovative, custom-designed iPad applications for use in surveying.